28" 4K Glasses-Free 3D Display


3D Game Market is excited to introduce the 28" 4K Glasses-Free 3D Display by Exceptional 3D. This display can be used to play your favorite PC video games in glasses-free 3D with a more emmersive and lifelike feel. Add a whole new dimension to your games. We like to call it "gaming with depth". You can also use this display as a 2D desktop monitor where you can read emails, watch videos, or work on a spread sheet. The images on this display are amazing in both 2D and 3D modes. 3DGM is required for 3D game play. Price includes shipping and tax.


Price: $1,199.00

3DGM - Gaming with depth!


Bring depth to your games with 3DGM. From state of the art Glasses-Free 3D displays, to anaglyph on the monitor you are using right now; 3DGM supports 3D on your display. We have tested and support over 400 hundred games and we are adding support for more games every day. Want the best in 3D gaming? Combine 3DGM with our new 28" Glasses-Free 3D display from Exceptional 3D for a truly amazing gaming experience!


Price: $69.99

Nickle City Comic Con

On the 19th of May 3D Game Market will be headed to Buffalo to participate in the 3 Day Nickle City Comic Con at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. This is going to be a huge show geared towards the entire family with a ton of great guests including William Shatner and Joe Montana. There is going to be Cos Play Contests, Video Game Tournaments, Guest Panels, and many vendors who will have some great merchandise to choose from.